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Twin Beach Tripod 4.6 - 7ft

A 6ft match tripod which has an angled alloy back leg and comes complete with double deep u-head and double cups.

Head and cups can be removed for slim line storage.

There is also a hook located under the u-head for bait bag etc.

Twin Beach Tripod 4.6 - 7ft
Tripod Non Extending 6ft

Twin Tripod, 6ft Non Extending

Tripod Non Extending 4ft Single

Single 'V' Tripod, 4ft Non Extending

A 4ft single 'V' Tripod.  This tripod is fixed at 4ft in length.  Useful on the beach or pier due to the shorter lengh.

It folds in neatly for ease of transport and had a hook under the 'V'  for attachabe bait bag etc.

Adjustable 4.6 - 7ft legs, twin heads and cups.  

The cup height can be adjusted, useful if casting from in the tide.

The cups and heads can also be removed for slim storage.

Comes with a bait hook under the heads.

 Price €36.00

 Price €16.95

Price €44.95