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ruler_0_10 Swivel Swivel

Crane Swivels available in sizes #4, #2, #1 and 2/0. Sold 12 per pack.


                          Size 2/0 - Suitable for boat / wreck fishing.                      


                          Size #1 - Suitable for feathers, inshore boat / wreck fishing.


                          Size #2 - Suitable for feathers, weights and larger lure fishing.


                          Size #4 - Suitable for small lure and terminal tackle.

Swivels, Snap Swivels, Rig Clips, Links and Beads.

Fladen Luminious Beads 5mm X 6mm pack of 25pcs...Price  €0.95



Oval luminious beads are excellent for rig making.

Streamlined shape for casting and especially useful in deep or murky waters, where the energy stored from exposure to light above the surface is emitted in a glow effect beneath the surface in the darker depths.

Great fish attractant qualities !

Fladen Beads Luminious Pack Luminious Beads

25 Pcs

Price €0.95

Spin Links - 10 Pack

Spin Links

Price €1.25

Spin Links



A packet of 10 pc Spin Links, great for quick connection to lures, feathers and in particular weights.


  • Pack size: 10

  • Length: 16mm

Rig 'Zip' Clips - 25 Per Pack

Rig Clips



A packet of 25 pc Rig Clips, a quick and easy lead link incorporating a bait clip that places the bait close to the weight.


  • Pack size: 25

  • Length: 25mm

Price €2.20

Fladen Assorted Coloured Beads 5mm pack of 100pcs...Price  €0.95



Fladen 5mm Colour assorted beads with hole through the middle for you line.  Perfect for maing your own traces and rigs.

Price €0.95

Fladen Beads 5mm Pack Ruler 2

Snap Crane Swivels available in sizes #2, 1/0 and 3/0. Sold 12 per pack.


                                                       Size 3/0 - Suitable for wreck fishing.



                                                       Size 1/0 - Suitable for Inshore rigs and wrecks.



                                                       Size #2 - For Lures, Feathers, Rigs, Weights ets.


                                                       Size #4 - For Rigs, and very light gear.

Swivel Swivel Swivel

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<option value="Snap Swivel Size #4 (12 Pack) {1.60}">Snap Swivel Size #4 (12 Pack) €1.60</option>

<option value="Snap Swivel Size #2 (12 Pack) {1.80}">Snap Swivel Size #2 (12 Pack) €1.80</option>

<option value="Snap Swivel Size 1/0 (12 Pack) {2.40}">Snap Swivel Size 1/0 (12 Pack) €2.40</option>

<option value="Snap Swivel Size 3/0 (12 Pack) {3.35}">Snap Swivel Size 3/0 (12 Pack) €3.35</option>


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Swivel Swivel Swivel

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