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WSB Orbula 430 Attura 650FD

Price: €14.95

The Lineaeffe Shiver is a great all round reel offering a very smooth retrieval and suitable for sea and river spinning. Model 050 comes pre spooled with 15lb line.


Features include:

  • Rear Drag.

  • Spool includes line clip.

  • Gear Ratio 5.2:1

  • Ambidextrous folding handle.

  • Silent anti reverse

Orbula 440 Rear Drag Reel

A 4 ball bearing reel incorporates top performance, smooth retrieve, sensitive drag, alloy spool, instant anti reverse, ambidextrous handle, one way clutch and comes complete with a spare spool.


Features include:

  • Spare spool

  • Rear drag

  • 4 Ball bearings

  • Anti twist line roller

  • Counter Balanced Handle

  • Push button quick spool release


Line Capacity

Orbula 440 with a line capacity of 220yds of 12lb.

Lineaeffe Shiver Line Reel 040
Lineaeffe Shiver Line Reel 040 WSB Lineaeffe Shiver Line Reel 040 pic 3
WSB Orbula 430

Stiffi Fixed Spool Spinning Reels

Prices from: €11.95

A new and updated version of the very popular Stiffi range of fixed spool reels. The 130, 140 and 150 sizes are rear drag and feature an anti twist line roller, ball bearing, push button spool release, ambidextrous handle and comes ready spooled with line. (Stiffi 130- 8lb), (Stiffi 140-10lb), (Stiffi 150-2lb).


Features include:

  • Power Drive Gear

  • FixedSpool System

  • 1 Ball bearing

  • Ambidextrous folding handle

  • S-Curve Oscillation System


Reel details:

Stiffi 130; Small reel suitable form light spinning.

Stiffi 140; Medium reel suitable for shore spinning

on heavier lures.

Stiffi 150; Medium reel, suitable for shore spinning

on rods from 9 to 13ft.

Stiffi Spinning Reels

Lineaeffe 'SHIVER' 050 Fixed Spool Spinning Reels

Price from: €32.95

Orbula FS 450 Freespool Reel with 'Instant anti-reverse'.

Price: €31.95

The Orbula® freespool is the perfect reel for all types of pait fishing. Features include a lightweight graphite body and comes complete with a spare spool.


Features include:

  • Spare spool

  • 4 Ball bearings

  • Instant anti-reverse

  • One way clutch

  • Sensitive drag

Orbula FS 450 Orbula FS 450 p2 Orbula FS 450 p3

Attura 650 FD

A range of top specification reels with superb and stylish cosmetics. Combining both excellent engineering and great performance. 6 ball bearing, precision rear drag, quick release drilled alloy spool, rubberised paint finish, instant anti reverse, ambidextrous folding handle and comes complete with a spare spool.


Features include:

Ball Bearings: 6

Fighting Drag System

Ratio: 5:2:1

Instant Anti Reverse

S-Curve Oscillation System

Spare Spool


Reel Capacity: The 650 will take 230 yards of 15lb line

Price: €39.95

WSB High NRG Fixed Spool Reel

WSB High NRG 50 Fixed Spool Spinning Reel

A super all round fixed spool reel, complete with 12lb line pre loaded to the spool.  This reel is suitable for river and sea spinning.  It has an ambidextrous handle and a gear ratio of 5:2:1.


Features include:

  • Comes spooled with mono.

  • Counter balanced handle

  • Rear drag

  • Anti-twist roller

  • Push button spool release.


lb/yds: 11/275, 14/200, 15/175

Price: €19.95