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Extremely light weight and compact, EN 396-150N (15-40 kg; 24 g CO2 catridge)




  • 150 Newton Buoyancy through 24grm CO2

  • EN 1095 Deck safety Harness

  • Adjustable crotch strap.

  • Oral inflation tube.

  • Lifting becket.

  • Grab strap (when inflated).

  • SOLAS approved reflective strip.

  • Rugged abrasion resistant cover.

  • Whistle.


Marinepool (Childrens) Life Jackets - 150Newton, 15 - 40Kg                    

For Rearming kits - See Adult Section above.

Marinepool Kids Auto Lifejacket in Red Marinepool life jacket open

All childrens life jackets are Automatic and come with a harness & crotch strap.



The SeaGo Seaguard 165N is an updated design of a much loved classic, produced by SeaGo for over a decade. With 165 newtons of buoyancy, this great entry level model is lightweight in design and has a comfortable rounded neck. It has an abrasion resistant cover, semi integrated lung, and features the newly developed lightweight d-ring. The Seaguard 165N also features SeaGo's new Cylinder Safe valve which ensures the CO2 cylinders are secure and prevents leaking, for 100% inflation every time. All this, combined with the newly designed buckle for easy fit and release, makes this lifejacket a great all rounder.



  • 165 Newtons of buoyancy

  • Cylinder safe technology; Ensures CO2 cylinder stay secure for guaranteed inflation

  • Semi integrated lung

  • Rapid Buckles; Easy Fit & Release design dramatically speeds up use

  • Rounded neck for comfort

  • Lightweight abrasion-resistant d-ring

  • Single crutch strap


Colour: Navy/Carbon


Firing Mechanism: Auto, Manual or Auto Harness

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Marinepool Life Jackets

Inflated View

Price: €59.00                    

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Marinepool Adult Auto Life Jacket Navy Marinepool Adult Auto Life Jacket Red Marinepool Adult Auto Life Jacket Pink Marinepool Olive Life Jacket

Price from: €69.95                    

Seaguard Seago 165 Life Jacket