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International Thinners

International Thinners

Thinners No. 1

A general purpose thinner and cleaner for use with one part paints and varnishes.


Thinners No. 3

Typically used with antifouling paints (excluding Micron® Optima and VC® products), also used to aid with the spray application of our one-part varnishes. Can also be used for cleaning.


Thinners No. 7

Formulated for use with epoxy type products and used for cleaning.


Thinners No. 9

For use with two part polyurethane products and cleaning.


Thinners No. 10

Specially formulated for use with VC® products

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<option value="Thinners No. 1 (1 litre) {9.95}">Thinners No. 1 (1 litre) €9.95</option>

<option value="Thinners No. 3 (500ml) {9.50}">Thinners No. 3 (500ml) €9.50</option>

<option value="Thinners No. 3 (1 litre) {15.95}">Thinners No. 3 (1 litre) €15.95</option>

<option value="Thinners No. 7 (1 litre) {16.95}">Thinners No. 7 (1 litre) €16.95</option>

<option value="Thinners No. 9 (1 litre) {19.95}">Thinners No. 9 (1 litre) €19.95</option>

<option value="Thinners No. 10 (1 litre) {18.95}">Thinners No. 10 (1 litre) €18.95</option>


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