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International 'Yacht Primer' 750ml & 2.5ltr



International Yacht Primer is a general purpose metallic grey primer for use on wood, steel and alloy above the water line only.


  • Area Above the waterline

  • Finish/Sheen: Matt

  • Pack sizes: 750 ml 2.5 Lt

  • Substrates: Aluminium, Steel, Wood

Price From: €25.95

International Yacht Primer

International Primicon Primer 750ml & 2.5ltr



A quick drying, general purpose below waterline primer which has been formulated for use on metal keels and hulls prior to antifouling. It is however also suitable for use as a barrier/sealer coat between unknown or incompatible antifoulings.


Colour: Grey

Price From: €25.95

International Primicon primer

***Paints can only be delivered within the Island of Ireland..

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International Pre-Kote Undercoat in 375ml, 750ml & 2.5ltr

International pre kote primer



Undercoat for Toplac, Brightside® and Interlux® Super. Pre-Kote is easy to apply and the excellent obliteration characteristics means easy colour changing. Pre-Kote is designed around tough, flexible resins which means it is long lasting and easy to apply and rub down. It provides a smooth base for the finishing coat. Pre-Kote is suitable for all suitably primed wood, steel, alloy and GRP surfaces.


Available in White and Grey (Blue/Grey)


The tough, flexible resins are long lasting, easy to apply and rub down, giving a smooth base for the finishing coat. Suitable for all primed wood, steel, alloy or GRP.

Price From: €15.00

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? Primer and Undercoat, Whats the differance ?

If it is a new surface, use a primer. If your painting an existing surface that has been painted before, use an undercoater.

International Perfection 2 Pack Undercoat: 750ml

Data sheet logo International Perfection 2 Part Undercoat

International Interprotect Primer in 750ml & 2.5ltr



Interprotect® is a quick drying, easy to apply two-pack epoxy primer for high performance protection on all rigid substrates. It's two-component application gives excellent anti-corrosive and abrasion resistance properties and it can be used equally above or below the waterline, prior to applying paint or antiflouling.


* Quick drying, easy to apply epoxy primer for high performance protection.

* Excellent anticorrosive protection

* Antifouling tie-coat for use over epoxy primers

* Good abrasion resistance

* Available in Grey and White

International Interprotect Primer Data sheet logo

Price: €49.95

Price From: €43.00