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International Antifouling Trilux

International Trilux Antifouling 2.5 ltr



Trilux® 33 is available in 5 bright clean colors including white. Trilux 33 is compatible with primed aluminum and is also excellent for use on fiberglass, wood and steel. It uses the latest Biolux® technology to block slime and improve antifouling performance. Trilux® 33 uses two biocides that work together to increase antifouling performance and Biolux® Technology to block slime. Trilux 33 is not only the preferred choice on pleasure yachts, it has an extensive track record on commercial vessels including navy boats.


  • Available in 5 bright clean colors including White

  • Ideal for use on aluminum, fiberglass, wood and steel

  • Biolux® blocks slime

  • Thinners No.3

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One coat antifouling designed for both power (up to 25 knots) and sailing boats. Available in 0.75 lt and 3 lt tins


  • Single season's antifouling protection

  • In most cases there is no need to seal main stream antifouling schemes

  • No need to sand before re-coating

  • Use No. 3 Thinners 

International Cruiser UNO Antifouling (Now called Crusier 250)

Price from: €49.95 / 750ml and €115.95 / 3ltr

Data sheet logo Cruiser Uno Colour Card

Dover White    Blue             Navy            Red               Black

International Micron Extra 2 Antifouling

Micron Extra is a high strength polishing antifouling that provides 2 seasons protection from just one application. (3-4 coats). Formulated with Biolux™ Technology for controlled optimised biocide release, Micron Extra delivers extra protection even in difficult fouling conditions. HAZARDOUS GOODS - Available in the island of Ireland only


  • 24 months protection from one application

  • Minimum paint build up, washes away with use

  • Biolux® technology for sustained antifouling protection

  • Use Thinners No. 3

Price from: €54.95 / 750ml and €149.95 / 2.5ltr

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Price from: €29.95/ 375ml, €59.95 / 750ml and €154.95 / 2.5lt

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International Interspeed Ultra 2 Antifouling



A premium hard antifouling, ideal for fast powerboats in the highest fouling conditions.  Interspeed Ultra 2 is a premium hard antifouling offering protection even in the highest fouling conditions, making it the ideal product for fast power boats. The hard, durable, smooth finish can also be burnished to further reduce drag and improve fuel efficiency.

The ability to produce a super smooth surface for reduced drag and increased speed making it perfect for fast, active craft.  Contains boosting biocides for enhanced slime and weed control.

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Price from: €59.95/750ml and €179.95/2.5lt

International Trilux Prop-O-Drev Antifouling

International Trilux Prop-O-Drev

Price : €39.95 / 500ml Can

New for 2018 International 'BoatGuard' 100, 2.5 Litre Antifouling

Boatguard 100 is an effective low-cost antifouling, formulated to repel all kinds of fouling organism. It is quick and easy to apply, and provides comprehensive protection for a whole season.



  • Colours: Dover White, Blue, Red, Black and Navy

  • Tin size: 2.5 litre.

  • Suitable for below the waterline

  • Finish/SheenMatt

  • Type of antifouling: Ablative

  • Suitable water types; Sea Water, Fresh Water, Brackish Water

  • Substrates: Epoxy Composite / Carbon Fibre, GRP / FRP, Lead, Steel & Wood

  • Application: Spray, Brush or Roller.

Price: €79.95 / 2.5 ltrs

Boadguard Antifouling

Dover White          Blue             Navy                 Red               Black

International Micron Optima Antifouling 2ltr



The ultimate performer in eroding antifoulings. Includes revolutionary activator and new resin system for unparalleled effectiveness over a full season. Solvent free for easier clean-up.




- Coverage: 16.6 sq.m/2lt

- Not suitable for high speed craft

- Finish Matt

- For the absolute cleanest hulls

- Minimum build-up – reduced preparation time

- Activated Biolux® technology for sustained antifouling protection

- Water based – low odour, easy clean up


Thinners : Use Water

Price: €159.95 / 2lt

International Cruiser 250