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WSB Tackle - Sea Rigs

WSB Pulley Pennel Bass Rig TT322

Price: €1.90ea

WSB Twin Hooked Trapped Swivel TT321

Price: €1.90ea

WSB Twin Hook Flat Fish Rig TT320

Price: €1.90ea

Price: €1.90ea

Notes:  Lead Weights are not included with any rigs.

All rigs include "Lead weight Quick Link" (Except Conger Trace) and beaded swivels.

Conger Trace - 200lb Mono TT324

Price: €1.90ea

WSB Rig Winders AS195

Rig Winders - 10 Piece, Multi Colour.

Price €4.70

Foam winders are the perfect solution for keeping your rigs tangle free. Simply wind your rigs around the foam winder and push the hook in to secure.


  • 10 foam winders, 5 colours, 2 of each colour.

  • Comes secures in a plastic enclosure.

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WSB Tackle - Bait Elastic

WSB Tackle Bait Elastic card WSB Bait Elastic

Ideal for peeler crabs and other loose baits that need to be tied securely to your hook


Supplied in 200m spools.

Price €1.65

WSB Tackle Anti Crab Rig

A rig  keep the crabs at bay.  The anti-crab float attached to this rig can be adjusted to vary the height at which the hook sits in the water.

Price: €1.90ea

WSB Tackle - 2 Boom Paternoster Rig cw Hooks and Swivel.

WSB Tackle - 2 Boom Paternoster Rig

Twisted wire boom arms linked with 30lb Mono. Furnished with swivel and clip link.

Price: €1.90ea

'WSB Tackle' Sea Boom 300mm

WSB Tackle Sea Boom 300mm WSB Tackle Sea Boom 300mm WSB Tackle Sea Boom 300mm



These tube booms are great for long trace flying collar rigs to keep the trace apart from the main line and avoid those tangles which can cripple your rig. Particularly good when fishing hard on the bottom to anchor the line without tangling but at the same time allow it to run freely backwards and forwards through the tube.


3 Sea Booms Rigs per pack.



Price €1.95

WSB Running Paternoster TT323

Zebco Rig Wallet

Zebco Rig Wallet

Our Price €3.50


Zebco Rig Wallet. Canvas wallet to store your sea rigs in.  Comes with ten sealable clear plastic pouches. Dimensions approx 12 x 16cm




  • 10 Compartments

  • Velcro Closure

  • 2 Hanging Tags

  • High quality construction

Flounder Spoon 60mm/10g

WSB Flounder Spoon 60mm 10g TT046

A metal flounder spoon fitted with 2 rolling swivels, beads and a size 2 hook.

Price €1.95

Shark Trace

Shark Trace TT105

Our Price €12.95


This shark trace incorporates 2 heavy duty rolling swivels, 2.7m of 100kg/220lb, 7 strand stainless steel wire and a 14/0 stainless steel hook.




  • Lenth: 2.7 Meters

  • Material: 7 Strand Stainless Steel Wire

  • Size 14/0 Hook

  • Load: 100kg / 220lbs