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7" Vibro Jelly Worms "Fire Tails" - Qty 20pack mixed colours.

A chunky, robust worm with a superb ribbed design. Supplied in a mixed pack of Yellow, Orange, Flack and Blue. 20 Per Pack.

Excellent for shore and pier fishing for all species of fish.

These are also excellent for wreck fishing or in particular for big pollack trolling near the rocks.

Try it out with the Paravanes below...


  • Lenght: 7" / 18cm

  • Mixed design of 20 Worms per pack.

  • Ribbed design.

  • Orange, Yellow, Black and blue with fire tail end.

  • Un-Weighted.


For suitable hooks see below.

CJT 7" Vibro Jelly Worms CJT Vibro 7" Fire Tails

Price: €6.95

Eddystone Trolling Paravane - Orange or Yellow 45gram

Eddystone Paravane Eddystone Paravane

The Eddystone self weighted Professional Paravane is a trolling depth controller for use when fishing from a boat with rod, handline or outriggers. With a total weight of only 45 grams. Manufactured from high quality fluorescent coloured polypropylene.




  •  Will take the lure to a preset depth

  •  Will turn over and surface on catching fish or fouling weed

  •  Made from bright Fluorescent Orange material which is highly visible upon surfacing in the water

  •  Port and Starboard Depth settings

  •  Anti-snag action

  •  Lightweight factor which allows for tacking and tight manoeuvres without fouling the bottom. Total weight only 45 grams.

  •  Lightweight factor registers the feel of the bite

  •  No special skills required to return results

  •  Ideal for motor or sailing boat


Eds comment: I used this around the coast fom Youghal towards Ardmore and caught some amazing pollock using both the Sandeel and Black Eddystone eels above.....Try these out !!

Price: €9.95

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Just '4' Jellies Hooks.

Just for jellies hooks

Price: €5.95

The hooks have been designed to allow you to fish jellies without catching on weeds. The hook tip sits flat against the top of the jelly until a fish bites.


  • High Carbon - Super Sharp

  • QTY - 25 per pack

  • Just 4 Jellies are ideal for soft worm baits, Helps create a weedless setup.

  • Available in 2/0

'Dinsmores' Jig Heads' 2x20gram Non Toxic

Price: €3.95



2 x 20gram jig heads perfectly suited for casting your jellies or Eels or other soft baits.

Comes in pack of 2 Black and Red with 4/0 Hooks and core for grip.

These are also excellent for a strip of Mackerel, Bluey bait etc.

Eddystone Eel 2012 - Sea Bass Lures, 140mm, 14gram, 3 Per Pack.

Eddystone Eels 2012


The newest addition to our range is the FANTASTIC Eddystone Eel 2012! With its ribbed body and paddle tail, this pre-weighted lure is a fish magnet, perfect for both shore and boat fishing. This lure has already caught some fantastic fish and will be sure to make a great addition to your lure box!


Sizes: 140mm / 14gram


Colours Available:

  • Blue Mackerel

  • Dayglow Orange

  • Black Red

  • Blue White


Quantity per pack: 3

Price: €6.95

Eddystone Eel 2012 Eddystone Eel 2012 - Sea Bass Lures

'NEW' Eddystone Eel 'Bassin Bandit' 190mm, 50gm - Sold as singles.

Eddystone Eel Bassin Bandit 1973

Eddystone Eels 1973 Bassin Bandit


The Bassin' Bandit lure combines a 'wide eye' lead head and either an original Eddystone Eel tail or an Eddystone Eastender tail and is fantastic for both spinning from the shore and fishing those deep wrecks. Available with either a white head. The 4 White head lures are DEADLY for wreck fish such as Cod and Bass from the shore.


Sizes: 190mm / 50gram

Colours Available:

  • Pearl / Blue Mackerel

  • Red

  • Rhubarb/Custard

  • Western Blue Glitter


Quantity per pack: 1

Price: €3.79ea

7" Vibro Vibro Worms and Hooks 7in

Worms N Hooks

10 x 18cm Vibro Tailed Worms with 5 Worm Hooks for the perfect presentation and action.

By utilising the describes rigging method on the rear of the supplied product, this ensures maximum hooking potential whilst minimising tangles and weed.  


Great for rockey Pollack and Wrasse.

Price: €6.49

Mustad Sandeel - Mixed Colours

Mustad Sandeel

Mustad Sandeel Mixed


A set of 5 multi coloured sandeels mounted on size 4/0 hooks.  Each eel

has a hi tinsel streamers for added attraction, These Norwegian lures are built to the highest standard and great for most species such as Cod, Pollack, Ling etc.


Hook size: 4/0

Sizes: 120cm

Colours: Yellow, White, Green, Red and Purple 9as shown)

Eels per pack: 5

Price: €4.50

Jig Heads 20gram