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NGT Super Soft Bait - Pack of Three

Product Description


Ngt Soft Lures 3 Pack contain 3 super soft baits which both a realistic feel and action.

A small Pike, a small Trout and a small Roach pattern lure.


Superb for fishing in amoungst the weeds to lure the big ones out.  

Great colours and each lure contains a single back hook and trable underneath with nose ring for line attachment.

Price €5.50

Set of 4 mixed Shad

Shad Mixed

Product Description


4 Inch (100mm) unweighted, unhooked Shads

Top Quality American made shads.


Colours available Pearl Black, Yellow Red, Pearl Blue, Chartreuse Glitter Black.



These are suberb cast inamounst weeds for predator fish.


Comes with free Hooks for U to attach.

Price €2.50

Shad Set (3 No.) 100mm

Product Description


Shad set of 3 No. Lures in various colours.  Realistic movement with realistic artificial eye.

Includes hook and eyelet on head to ensure depth when retrieving.

These are suberp for all aspects of fishing including Bass and Wrass.


Weight each: 20grams

Colours: As shown

Price €4.50 (Out of Stock)

Shad Set NGT Super Soft Bait - Pack of Three

Jelly Worm Set - 17 Set

Product Description


17 assorted jelly lures complete with lead heads in an attractive blister pack.

Superb lures for rock fishing and bouncing off the sand to attrack fish.  Great for holidays too.


  • Multi coloured jellys

  • Weighted heads

  • Fish heads or ballheads with realistic eyeball


Price €2.50

Jelly Worm Set

Price €6.95