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Okuma Ultra Max Line 4oz (Clear or Yellow)  

One of the best value for money lines on the markey today. Ultra max continues to deliver a level of performance high above its price tag. Favoured by lure, shore and boat angler alike, it has excellent durability and loads evenly on either side of the reel. Available in clear only or yellow.

300 meter spools.

Okuma Ultra Max Line 4oz (300m)


Zebco Topic Boat Line

Zebco Topic Boat Line

Topic Boat

Special sea fishing line whose transparency makes it almost invisible to fish when under water.  The line is also abrasion resistant and protected against the effects of UV rays.  Its excellent stretch qualities minimise loosing fish while brining them to the boat.

Two sizes available;

333 Yards of 35lb / 16kg,  0.45mm

333 Yards of 41lb / 19kg, 0.50mm


Price: €6.50ea

Zebco Topic Surf-Casting Line

Zebco Topic Surf Casting Line

Topic Surf Casting

A perly effect line with all the characteristics required for sea fishing around our coast.  It is almost totallinvisible in the water - a real advantage when preparing rigs with multiple knots which need to be invisible to the prey.

Two sizes available;

350 Yards of 20.5lb / 9.5kg,  0.35mm

350 Yards of 28lb / 12.7kg, 0.40mm


Price: €6.50ea

Price: €6.95ea