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Polyform F Fender Blue


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Polyforms Hole-Through -the -Middle (HTM) fender, with its quality finish, one piece construction and tough commercial strength marine vinyl, is the finest fender available in its class.

Prices from: €21.50

Polyform HTM Fender White Polyform HTM Specifications


Polyform’s G Series fender has raised the bar for quality and appearance in utility fenders. Subscribing to the philosophy that quality does not have to cost more, we include ribs for extra strength, inflation valves for larger sizes and reinforced ropeholds for long-term durability. The versatile G Series fender comes in a variety of Polyform colors, enabling you to create the look you want for your boat.

Available in White, Blue and Black.

Fender Clips for rail or rope.

Plastic Fender Clip for easy attachment of fender to line to rail.  Comes in pairs.


Price: €5.30 ea (Pair)

Marker Buoy's; available in Red, White and Yellow.

Marker Buoy Red

The Scanmarin NB-Series buoys are an extra strong, one-piece construction, with rib-designed and solid rope-hold, for use as net buoys, marker buoys, additional buoyancy floats and fenders for yachts and sailboats.


These Scanmarin buoys are Roto-moulded from best quality flexible vinyl for air inflation to ensure you receive the highest breaking strength, exceptional looks and the best quality buoys available.


Note: Sizes from 20" to 60", measured in circumferance. Other sizes available on request.


Note: 20" versiion is round and  all one colour, i.e. no black top.

Prices from: €13.95

Polyform G fenders Fender Clips Polyform G fenders Specifications


Polyform has been producing this fender for over 40 years and there is no comparison when it comes to quality, range of sizes and protection offered. The F-Series fender has offered protection to the finest yachts and fishing vessels all over the world. Why? Because the owners and the captains of these prestigious boats know that they can rely on Polyform’s F-Series to offer the size, strength and dependability to protect their vessel from the rigors of the sea and weather. If you want the ultimate in protection for your boat, Polyform F-Series is the only choice!

Available in White, Blue

Price from: €9.50

Price from: €29.50

Polyform F Fender F Fender Measurements

Bow Fenders (White) Small and Medium Sizes.

Bow Fender

Bow fenders are used by sailing schools, recreational centres and those wishing to moor bow onto marina berths. They have a bulbous shape-giving a good bow bumper and has a thru-line front attachment.

Available in White

Price from: €14.95

Fenderstep™ One step and Two step options.

FenderStep | FenderStep2

FenderStep™ is the original step-on boarding fender and will prove invaluable for alighting or stepping onboard from a vessel .


The Fenderstep is now joined by a Fender2Step a two step version of the same concept .


Available in White

Price from: €54.99

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Marker Buoy White Marker Buoy Yellow


Polyform A fender



Polyforms A series are the only one-piece reinforced ropehold fenders/buoys on the market today. They are widely used in commercial fishing, offshore oil research and general commercial marine as well as Leisure boating.

A Fender Size Chart

Price from: €29.50