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Feathered Lures and Flashers etc

Lures and Spinners

Hokkai Lures

and Rigs

Eddystone Eels & Paravanes

Bass Lures, Plugs and Poppers

Artificial Baits

Shad | Soft Baits | Jelly Worms

Mackeral Feathers 3 hook Ron Thompson Coastal Assortment Eddystone Eel Bassin Bandit 1973 WSB Tackle Capti Bait Soft Crab Red TT553-001 WSB Jointed Plug Blue Mackeral 13cm Shad Set

Sea Rigs

WSB Twin Hooked Trapped Swivel TT321 Red Hokkai Feather Trace
NGT Super Soft Bait - Pack of Three


Muppet Rig 50lb Mono