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Lineaeffe Vigor LN 70FD Reel Lineaeffe Vigor Silk Line 70FD

Price: €22.99

Stiffi 170 Fixed Spool Reel

Stiffi 170 FixedSpool Casting Reel

A new and updated version of the very popular Stiffi 170 beachcasting fixed spool reel. It features an anti twist line roller, ball bearing, front drag, ambidextrous handle, and comes pre loaded with 350 yards of 15lb mono.


Features include:

  • 1 Ball Bearing

  • Gear ratio: 4:1:1

  • S-Curve Oscillation System

  • Ambidextrous Handle

  • Power Drive Gear

Price: €19.95

Lineaeffe Vigor Silkline 70FD Front Drag Casting Reel

The Lineaeffe Vigor LN 70 FD Sea Fishing Reel Review – Is a high quality fixed spool front drag beach casting reel which comes loaded with 20lb red ice line.


The gear ratio is 4.1:1 and has 3 ball bearing action for ultra-smooth reeling.

The reel has been saltwater treated and has a stainless steel mechanism so will stay functional and looking good for a long time.

The reel has a front drag which provides exceptional control when fighting and landing fish.

It comes loaded with mono Line 20lb red ice line (245 yards)

The 620g tapered spool is perfect for long casts and the reel comes with spare spool.

It has a balanced handle fitted with sharp stop anti reverse.


Features include:

  • Gear Ratio: 4.1:1

  • Sharp Stop Anti Reverse

  • Anti Vibrating Rotor System

  • Multi Disc Front Drag


This Warbird 3600R reel is designed to appeal to even the most discerning anglers. Developed to a specification not a price, it offers superb value for money while still retaining features found on top end reels.

Three stainless ball bearings ensure that the aluminium spool and precision gears work perfectly in all situations while the sure grip power handle and superb clutch allow the angler to have complete control in all weather conditions.


Features include:

3 Ball bearings

Instant anti reverse

Aluminium spool

Star drag

Right Hand With Level wind

Attractive Green colour

Comfortable double grip handle

Ratio 4.2:1

Weight 346g

Capacity 250yds of 16lb

Fladen Warbird 3600R  Beach Casting Reel - Green

Price: €49.95

Fladen Warbird 3600R Green

Price: €23.95

Lineaeffe Vigor LN 70FD Casting Reel (Pre Loaded with 20lb Line)

Features include:

  • Gear ratio 4.1:1

  • super smooth 3 ball bearing action

  • Saltwater treated (fully resistant to saltwater damage).

  • Easy to use front drag

  • Loaded with 20lb mono

  • Line capacity 35lbs 175 yards,20lb 245yards,15lb 365yards.

  • 620 grams

  • long cast spool

  • comes with spare spool

  • balanced handle

  • fitted with sharp stop anti reverse

C. Blue Casting Multiplier

A strong & reliable bait casting multiplier with alloy spool, level wind, 3 ball bearing, centrifugal braking and a quick release spool. This reel has a 5.4:1 gear ratio and will hold approx 120 yards of 12lb mono.

Note: Superb for kayaks with the WSB Dinomax rod


Features include:

  • 3 Ball bearings

  • Aluminium spool

  • Star drag

  • Right Hand With Level wind

  • Comfortable double grip handle

  • Ratio 5:4:1

Price: €49.95

C Blu Casting Multiplier

This reel is ideal for power beach/surf/pier casting fishing & represents outstanding value for money.Robust construction made to last.Its large line capacity makes it truly versitile.