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Daiwa Firewolf Trolling Boat Rod

Lineaeffe 7ft 20-30lb Class 3 Piece Travel Rod

Price: €25.95

Fladen Celtic 7ft Boat Rod, 30-40lb Class

Fladen Celtic 6ft and 7ft Boat Rod

A superb all rounder boat rod.  Very strong and versatile and suitable for all boat fishing requirements from catching mackerel for bait to bringing in the larges species, Cod, Tope etc.

Hi-Viz top for bit indication with stainless steel reel clasps.  


  • Length: 6ft / 7ft available

  • Sections: 2

  • Screw winch reel seat with Stainless Steel clasps.

  • Heavy duty rod eye at tip.

Price: From €25.00

Dinomax® Kayak 2.7ft/0.82m

WSB Dinomax® Kayak 2.7ft 0.82m

Dinomax® Kayak 2.7ft/0.82m

Don't be fooled by its size or the price. This is a serious rod, not a toy. Ideal for backpackers, kayakers, canoeists, yachtsmen and holiday anglers. Match this rod with a RL203/000 Dinomax® baitcaster


Length:  2.7ft/0.82m

Sections:1 Piece                            

Price: €12.95

Rod & Reel Combi

Buy the above Dinomax Kayak rod complete with the C. Blue Reel for only €49.95                    

Dinomax Kayak Rod and Reel

Dinomax® Kayak 2.7ft/0.82m and Reel Combo

The perfect baitcasting multiplier. With its centrifugal braking, levelwind, sensitive star drag, 3 ball bearings and smooth retrieve, this rod and reel is sure to be a winner.


Line capacity: 140yrds of 10lb line

Sections:1 Piece                            

Price: €49.95

Lineaeffe 3 Piece Travel Boat Rod

Lineaeffe Travel Boat Rod

A new and fantastic 3 piece boat rod from Lineaeffe. 7ft in length, 20/30lb class. Broken down, it's length is only 77cm, making it ideal for holiday fishing, keeping in the car or just as a spare rod.


  • Length: 7ft

  • Sections: 3          

  • Class: 20-30lb  

  • Rubber butt and Cloth bag                    

Lineaeffe Emerald 9ft Telescopic Boat / Pier Rod

Price: €19.95

Lineaeffe Telescopic Boat Rod

A great lightweight 9ft Telescopic Boat rod; ideal as a spare rod for feathering for mackerel, pollack, etc.  Also suitable as an uptide rod or for general spinnig.


  • Tubulal Concept: Extra Strong Structure

  • Sections: 4

  • Casting Weight: Up to 200g

  • Transport Lenth: 120cm

  • Weight of rod: 300g

Lineaeffe Emerald 9ft Telescopic Boat Rod

Boat Max 6ft - 25lb, 2 Piece Boat Rod

This is a 2 Piece Boat Rod, Black in colour with a Hi-Viz Top, suberb for all aspects of general inshore boat fishing.  

Rated at 25lb suitable for all multiplier boat reel that we supply.


  • Two piece equal length

  • Lined guides

  • Eva foam handle

  • Screw winch reel seat

  • Fibre Glass manufacture

Price: €24.95

Price: €19.95

Lineaeffe Hard Boat 2 pc Boat Rod

Lineaeffe 'Hard Boat' 2 Piece Boat Rod

A 2 Piece strong boat rod,  excellent or over rough ground or for just brining in reams of mackerel,  Heavy Pollack and Cod.  The rod has a long EVA  Foam handle for extra grip and a hi-viz tip for extra bite detection.  A durable rod suitable for all aspects of fishing. And great value for money.


  • 7 ft 2 section rod

  • Glazed tip

  • Lined rings throughout

  • Duplon handle

  • Screw winch reel seat

Fladen Celtic 7ft Boat Rod

BOAT PRO - 6ft, 2pc, 30lb+ Boat Rod (Roller Tip)

Boat Pro Rod Tip Boat Pro - 6ft, 2pc, 25lb Boat Rod


A heavy duty quality, 2 piece, 6ft boat rod, rated at 30lb+ with roller top eye. Ideal for all boat fishing requirements.   This is an ideal rod for the proffexional angler but at a great price.  


  • Length 6ft

  • Sections: 2

  • Colour: Grey/Blue

  • Material: Composite

  • Rating: 30lb+

Price: €39.95

WSB Bow Wave 6ft - 15-30lb, 2 Piece Boat Rod

Bow Wave 6ft Boat Rod

This 15-30lb boat rod is perfect for boat fishing. It is a two piece for,  so easy to store and has eight sec lined rings.  It is finished in a gold tread with a foam grip handle.  The rod is very easy to handle and matches up perfectly with the Bow Wave 050 Multiplier reel or indeed and multiplier boat reel.


  • Two piece equal length

  • Lined guides

  • Eva foam handle

  • Striking graphics

  • Screw winch reel seat

Price: €24.95

WSB Bow Wave® Boat Rod 6ft  1.80m 2 Piece NGT Boat Max 6ft Boat Rod Mitchell Catch 202 Boat Rod

Mitchell 'Catch 202' 7ft - 30-50lb, 2 Piece Boat Rod

A striking 2 Piece strong boat rod, rated between 30-50lb.  Extremely high quality finish with stainless finish eyes, and an orange Hi-Viz top for added bite detection vision.

These Mitchell Catch Boat Rods are built to a spec higher than more expensive rods.




  • 2.1 m / 7 ft light and strong glass blank / 2 sections

  • Improved finish

  • EVA Handle

  • TS guides

  • Casting weight - 30-50lb

Price: €34.95

The stunning Firewolf Boat rod from Daiwa deliver power, finesse and versatility along with great value. The Firewolf is built around a strong composite blank, outfitted with high quality lined guides, a dependable reel seat and comfortable, super grippy EVA foam handles.



  • 1.8m m / 6 ft light and strong glass blank / 2 sections

  • Graphite composite blank

  • Cut-proof aluminum oxide guides

  • Strong, blank through handle construction

  • Quality stainless hooded reel seat

  • Sure-grip,rod holder friendly EVA handles on downrigger and diver models

Price: €34.95

Daiwa 'Firewolf' 6ft - Trolling Boat Rod 602MH (10-20lb Rated)

Shakespeare omni-boat-20-30lbs-7ft

Shakespeare OMNI 7FT, 20-30LB Boat Rod

The Omni boat rod incorporates blanks which provide a progressive power build up action from the butt, yet still retain sensitive tips - delivering the ultimate action when playing fish.  With attractive graphics, this strong and reliable rod will accompany you for many years of boat fishing.



  • Hyperlon handle slide over joints

  • Strong and reliable lined guides

  • 2pc Equal Sections

  • Length 7ft

  • Class 20-30lb

  • Screw down reel seat

  • Aluminium Oxide Guides

Price: €34.95

Boat Max pic2

Shakespeare Beta 7FT, 20-30LB Boat Rod

The Beta series is a superb option for the beginner or for more experienced anglers looking for an inexpensive boat rod. They are designed to be excellent value for money. delivering quality. power and performance where it is needed.

This 7 ft boat rod is power rated for 20-30 lb.


  • 2.1 m / 7 ft Carbon Composite blank / 2 sections

  • Aluminium Oxide guides

  • Lined Guide

  • Slim abbreviated handle design

  • Cushioned reel seat

Shakespeare Beta 7ft 20-30lb Boat Rod

Price: €34.95