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NGT LS3000 Multiplier Reel Bow Wave 050 Boat Multiplier

NGT LS3000 Multiplier - Boat Reel (Pre Loaded with 25lb Line)

NGT LS3000 Multiplier Boat Reel


This multiplier is ideal for boat / trolling fishing and represents outstanding value for money.  Robust construction made to last.  Its large line capacity makes it truly versitile.


  • Graphite spool with 25LB line pre loaded

  • Star Drag and levelwind system

  • Line Capacity (lbs/yds) - 15/520, 25/280, 30/220

  • Gear ratio 3.8:1

  • Saltwater treated - Ideal for boat fishing

Price €29.95

Bow Wave 050 Boat Multiplier

These well engineered, strong and reliable boat multipliers have a corrosion proof graphite body, levelwind, 2 ball bearings, smooth star drag, and a generous line capacity to suit all types of boat fishing. Model 050 holds 310 yards of 30lb.




  • 1 Ball Bearing Drive

  • Gear Ratio: 4:5:1

  • Alloy Spool

  • Automatic Clutch

  • Counter Balance Handle

  • Level Wind

  • Smooth Star Drag

Price €49.95

Lineaeffe 'Braid 500' Multiplier - Boat Reel (Pre-Spooled with Braid)

lineaeffe Braid 300 Multiplier Boat Reel

Lineaeffe Braid 300 Multiplier Reel preloaded with braid. Big value for money Multiplier ideal for boat/beach fishing pre loaded with 328yds of 60lb braid.


  • Star Drag

  • Graphite spool

  • Line winder

  • Saltwater treatment

  • Blue braid included

  • Gear Ratio:4.2:1

Price €49.95

Lineaeffe JD300 Multiplier Boat Reel (Pre loaded wit 20lb Line)

A well engineered, strong and reliable boat multiplier. The Lineaeffe JD300 boat reel has a corrosion proof graphite body and spool, levelwind, single ball bearing, smooth star drag, sure grip handle and a generous line capacity for all round general boat fishing.


Key features.


  • Level wind

  • Gear ratio 4.2:1

  • Saltwater treated (fully resistant to saltwater damage).

  • Easy to use star drag

  • Loaded with 20lb mono

  • Line capacity 15lbs 460 yards,18lb 360yards,20lb 300yards.


Comment: I use this reel myself, and it has surpassed my expectations.

Price €29.95

Lineaeffe JD300 Multiplier Boat Reel